One of the best things about aging is the ability to look back over your life and see patterns and themes reflected in your adventures. If you’re lucky, you can look back fondly over life events, remembering the good times. I particularly find it fascinating to consider that some decisions made during a lifetime — very often insignificant at the time — will send you down an unexpected and/or enlightening path. I enjoy contemplating those “What If” moments but can’t even begin to speculate who I might have become or the things I may have done if I had made different choices.

I have had the domain timstuartonline.net for many years, but had never really developed it. Part of my hesitation is a reticence to create a “vanity” site. Self-promotion is not an important facet of my life. However, my recent retirement from a wonderful career as a teacher has prompted me to revisit this site with an eye towards creating a digital memoir of sorts. It can serve as a scrapbook to organize the events of my past and provide a forum for me to share some of the things I have learned over the years. I am interested in a great many things and actively delve into hobbies and pastimes that are very often an outlet for creating and exploring the world around me.

Lately, this has manifested itself in exploring and gaining experience with the hobby of radio controlled aircraft. Creating scale models has been a huge part of my life from early childhood and, I feel, has honed important personal skills that have benefited other facets of my life. That’s why I’ve chosen to develop this section of my scrapbook first. My blog posts are mostly my ruminations and observations about the discovery and development of this “new” hobby and the detailed construction log of my first scratch-built model, the PT-19 Project, is designed to encourage the reader to consider the satisfaction of developing a one-of-a-kind creation. Since I also include the mistakes that I made along the way and the solutions that I discovered, it may also serve to help to solve some specific issues encountered by other builders.

I may be retired, but I’ll always be a teacher — and I have always been a student.

This site will be constantly under construction and updated as I can.


Updated July 11, 2019