Return to Five Weeks on the Road — Summer, 2016

Knoxville and Sevierville, Tennessee

June 22-25

So we get to Mom and Dad’s around 5…to find that both of my brothers are working at their house!  Such a treat…we usually get to Mom and Dad’s around midnight on our trips to Tennessee. 

Smith HouseSmith View Vista







Mom and I have spent a lot of our time together working on separating pictures for each of the kids/grandkids.  Tim  and Daddy grill the most excellent beef tenderloin for supper Wednesday.  I always enjoy our time gathered around the kitchen table talking after a meal.  So many memories! 

Smiths and Kim 2JimJoanKim






On Thursday afternoon, it was all five of us plus Tim.  Lots of laughter….lots of stories….many sound effects that made Mom jump out of her skin once!  Friday night Daddy went to the Knoxville Smokies baseball game….Tim, Mom and I went to a Chinese restaurant for supper. 

Chop HouseChop House 2






Saturday we planned to go to the Brazilian steak house for lunch.  So after finding out on the way to the restaurant they did NOT serve lunch on Saturday, we were changing plans and calling each others’ cellphones to make sure we all ended up at Chop House instead.  The best part of the lunch had to be Isaiah seeing me and giving me the best hug ever!

We left the Chop House to head to Mike, Lea Ann and Hannah’s new house in West Knoxville.  Oh my goodness!  This place is gorgeous!  Mike and Neal built this home and it is just beautiful!  After years of waiting, they are in their dream home. 

Lea Ann fixed us hamburgers tonight and Mike introduced us to “Tiny House Nation” show.  Heading to bed soon and leaving in the morning to attend church with Kevan, Ashley and Isaiah!

 Mike's HouseBreakfast





So blessed to spend time today with both my parents, both my brothers and their families here in Knoxville/Sevierville, and of course Kevan, Ashley and Isaiah!  I think in just the few days I have been with my family this is the most I have seen everyone here!  I miss these special times!!!

Sunday morning we leave Mike, Lea Ann and Hannah after the best family breakfast ever (and tips on how to cook country ham!) and head to church with Kevan and his family.  I always love to hear my favorite son play bass.  I got the best Baptist welcome this morning from Isaiah….a run from the front of the church to jump into my arms and then proceed to give me a tour of his church!  After church and lunch at Ruby Tuesday’s we came to their house to relax  Later in the evening after a dinner of pizza or the best Chinese food from Dynasty Express, Kevan challenged me to a game of The Voice.  Even after a finals round of over 500,000 points on one song at 91% accuracy, Kevan won  Congrats, son!  We had a blast!  Poor Isaiah tried to get me to play some of his Wii games, but I just couldn’t figure out the control buttons.  At one point he was saying, “I don’t want to fight!” which turned to a “Killed you, Grandma!”  when his character started shooting at me!

Kevan and Isaiah

Goofy Isaiah