Return to Five Weeks on the Road — Summer, 2016

Avon, Day 2

Friday, July 1

Repeat visit to Bob’s for breakfast today.

Now we walk around this community to walk off some of that breakfast!  Avon has such beauty right outside our door…the trees, the mountains, the statues, and the beautiful landscaping!

We head out to Vail today, but find Edwards first!  (I turned right instead of left).  Very cute shopping area alongside a river.  Drizzling rain while we are out exploring and the temperature is in the 60s.  We are enjoying this so much.  It will not be this cool this time next week!

Vail just seems mostly (expensive) lodging and other areas under construction right now.  This whole area revolves around the nearby ski resorts. Vail and Beaver Creek are the closest to us. I can just imagine the chaos during the snowy season. Right now, it’s underwhelming–partly because neither of us ski. Rainy while we were driving around.  Just not the best of circumstances to try to find a parking space and explore.  We are on the hunt for the Rocky Mountain Taco Truck that Patrick recommended the other day.  We can’t find it anywhere….

So we did finally find a place for a late lunch: The Vail Ale House…had great chicken sandwiches.

Decided to do some exploring on the way back to the condo.  We were driving around the Avon area to just check out the areas we hadn’t managed to walk to yet.  All of a sudden, we see a black truck at this beautiful park area where the 4th of July celebration will be on Sunday….

So now we can go back to the condo with all of our places of interest to find today checked off!  Even though the weather has been cloudy and rainy, we have had a wonderful time.  Only one more day in Avon.