Return to Five Weeks on the Road — Summer, 2016

Indio, Day 1

Monday, July 18

We wake up at 9:45.  That was a good 6+ hours rest!  Amazingly our legs work without aching or anything after our hike yesterday!

We finally get out of the room around noon maybe and head to the registration area to get our official parking pass and info on the area here.  Mike is helping us today.  He is pointing out a couple places that sound interesting.  I think we have decided that we have no desire to drive over 4 hours total to go to LA or San Diego on this trip.  I think we would if we hadn’t already been in the car for over 5000 miles at this point!

Mike points out the wire looking fence you can see past the pool area.  He tells us that beyond that is basically nothing.  Desert.  Oh…and the San Andreas Fault is right there.  I think my eyes must’ve popped outta my head when he said that because he quickly added how safe we are here.  Hmmmm…..I guess we will see!  I texted Mom and Dad as we left the concierge desk and told them they were NOT to come here.  Seems like natural disasters seems to happen when they travel….hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes, earthquakes just to name a few! 

We head into town to hit In-n-Out for lunch and then to Target for some groceries.

Oh….forgot to mention….when we came in last night and turned on the Weather Channel, it said the highs this week will be between 111 and 115.  “But it’s a DRY heat….”  I keep reminding myself!  😉

At least the air conditioner here is wonderful!  I had originally made plans to stay here years ago when gas was $5 a gallon at home.  We decided a trip out west would be so expensive, we cancelled.  This resort is so beautiful now that we see it in the daylight!  There is a pond right outside our balcony where there are mallard ducks….we have seen up to four rabbits on property…2 pools and a lazy river I believe.  I definitely see that happening over the next few days.

Lazy day here in the condo….may grill hot dogs for supper (each balcony has its own gas grill!) and have chili dogs.  Probably an early night tonight….

But I guess anytime would be earlier than 3am, right!?!?!?