Return to Five Weeks on the Road — Summer, 2016

Bakersfield to Windsor, California

Tuesday, July 12

Hampton Inn has a very nice hot breakfast for us this morning.  Eggs, a southwestern breakfast pizza on a bagel, waffles (with chocolate chips for some people to add!), fresh fruit, and then the other typical continental breakfast items you have at other chains.  We don’t have to check out until 11, so that is very nice.

Heading towards Windsor, we decide to find a place to eat for lunch.  Thank you again, for suggesting Dog House Grill outside of Fresno.  This took us about 30 minutes off our route, but was so very worth it.  Some of the best smoked chicken ever!  Tim had a grilled chicken sandwich with avocados and sprouts.  This place is just hopping!  Very impressed with the food and the service.  Some server came up from behind me and saw I was having problems with a dreaded new ketchup bottle, so he took it and got it going for me.  Felt like I should have said, “Thanks, Dad!”  But he looked more like Jill’s age.






The road from lunch to the World Mark in Windsor seemed to take forever.  Interesting scenery on the way.  The mountains looked like they had fur on them.  It was weird.  I kept wondering what on earth I had done booking a place in this area.  I had no idea what to expect!  We made it to the property around 7:30pm.  Once again, we are lucky to have a very enthusiastic concierge help us with ideas on what to do in the area!

Jamie mentioned a 50s type diner in the downtown area of Windsor.  When we got to downtown, we were shocked at how cool this area actually is!  There is a park and they are having movie night outside.  Lots of people are gathered around enjoying a Chipmunk movie.

We get to KC’s American Diner around 8:50.  We walk in and the hostess says they close at 9.  Tim and I were like “Well, we’ll just come back later…we just got into town” and a waitress said, “Come on, you all can eat here!’” So we did.  Oh my.  Yet ANOTHER great meal….and meeting another hometown person with so much personality.  We left out of the restaurant saying, “This town is remarkable!”






We get back to the condo to find out we don’t have a coffee maker.  The lady at the front desk gives us free internet for our visit since the coffee maker wasn’t in our room for some reason!  One will be delivered first thing in the morning.  I managed to get the code stuff goofed up, so Tim calls the IT guy and is talking to him and laughing and telling stories.  Internet works now!  Woohoo!!!

We are doing our best Mom and Dad to continue in the tradition that you guys travel….we continually meet so many new people with wonderful stories to share with us.  It kinda makes us sad thinking our summer trip is past the mid-mark.  We are both pretty much over being in the car.  I think Tim said we have put 4560 miles on the car since we left home.

I don’t know how long it will be before I want to get in a car again when we get home!!!!