Return to Five Weeks on the Road — Summer, 2016

Windsor, Day 1

Wednesday, July 13

This morning we head out to take ‘the loop’ that will put us on Highway 1 running beside the Pacific Ocean.

Our first stop is at the Korbel Winery for a tour.  Very beautiful winery and very interesting tour!  After the tasting, we went to the delicatessen there and had a couple of great sandwiches sitting outside under the Redwood trees!

Our next stop was the Armstrong State Park that had MANY Redwood trees!  I believe this was my first time to see a tree this size.  There is one (The Colonel Armstrong Tree) in this park that is approximately 1400 years old and over 300 feet tall.  We didn’t cover the entire park, but took a few pictures and headed to our next stop on the loop.

We head towards the Pacific Ocean to a beach known as “Goat Rock”. I have never seen the Pacific Ocean from the continental US, other than in pictures. It was incredible. Goat Rock.  Wow. The road getting there doesn’t really seem like you are anywhere near the ocean.  Then you top a hill and we have yet another “ooooh!” moment. 

It is just so beautiful and breathtaking.  We followed the road (down to Goat Rock Beach) and were able to actually get our feet in the Pacific Ocean.  It was around 65 degrees here and the water was pretty cold. (Mountain creek cold) Such beautiful blue water!  Before we left, we hit the Dangerous port-a-potty. Kim thought the “Danger” sign on the brick porta-potty was for the john itself. It’s actually weirder than that. I blew up the picture to read, “This is one of the most dangerous beaches in California” and continues with rules about not playing tag with the waves and watching out for sleeper waves. Ignorance is bliss–this time.

After we leave Goat Rock, I am trying to get different shots of the coast line.  Sometimes we are able to just stop in the middle of the road….sometimes I have to hang out the window like a dog. I want that perfect shot with the waves crashing onto the rocks.  Not sure if I was able to capture that or not.  Anxious to see how close I actually got!







At some point I notice that our gas gauge is getting very low.  We find a gas station (In Bodega Bay) and Tim almost grabbed his jacket it was so cool!

We continue on our loop to supper in Petaluma at a place named Sauced that Jamie, the concierge here, recommended…(Hey Jamie…you are 3 for 3!)  Tonight we decide to split a meal that sampled three meats….pulled pork, ribs, and a half chicken.  I am really going to hate having to cook when we get back home… Love to see the surprise whimsical touches around town.

While we were in downtown Petaluma, we were able to experience our second farmer’s market on this trip!  Lots of food available (we had already eaten), lots of fruit and veggies, a children’s petting zoo, and other craft vendors. We also noticed that Creed Bratton was performing in a few hours here in Petaluma. Mr Bratton was the leader of the group The Grass Roots back in the 60’s and most recently played the character of Creed in the TV show, “The Office”.

We are home around 8ish…in our unit before dark!  This is a first!

Ha!!!  Right now Penn and Teller’s Fool Us is on the CW.  They are doing the Love Ritual….a trick we were able to participate in when we saw them in Vegas!  We just grin…. “We’ve done this with them!  We’ve talked with them!!!”

Aren’t vacations just wonderful!?!?!?