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The PT-19: Painting the Pilots

April 4-6, 2019

After experimenting with the molds, I ended up with two copies of each figure. This gave me the opportunity to choose the two best examples. Of course, they are not going to be as nice as pilots one can purchase, but not too bad. I created them from scratch. In the future, I can spend more time with the design to really smooth them out. One thing that I discovered is that sanding the foam tended to remove the smooth surface and actually rough it up.

Since I wanted to attach them into the cockpits with velcro, I decided to mount them onto balsa bases for sturdiness.

I needed paints that would be safe for use on foam, and found several colors of acrylic paints at Hobby Lobby. The initial color for the shirts was coming out a little too orange.

I used more of a khaki tan color for the shirts (which was much better) and painted their jackets brown.

Here are my two pilots before I added their parachute straps.

I then attached the velcro pieces to attach them in the hatch.

Here are my pilots in their places.