Return to Five Weeks on the Road — Summer, 2016

Sedona, Day 3

Saturday, July 9

Today is our 11th anniversary!  Mom told me years ago we have years to make up in having memories since we got a ‘late’ start getting married in our mid 40’s.  I feel like this trip has given us an opportunity to create so many memories.  I know it may seem dumb to some, but it is so much fun to be sitting at home seeing some location on TV and be able to turn to each other and say, “We’ve been there!” or “We’ve done that!” or “We’ve seen that before!”  Again, thank you Mom and Dad for giving us the opportunity to collect these memories in some of the most beautiful places in the United States!!!

Today we decided to take the Verde Canyon Railroad 4-hour train ride into the canyon.  Even though we have been in Sedona for a few days, we still marvel at the beautiful sights!  It’s also interesting to see who we meet along the way.  Today we met a couple while we were waiting to board the train….Joe and Faye.  She is a former 4th grade teacher, and he is a retired prison chaplain from Greensboro, NC.  We had to part ways when it was time to board the train.  We were assigned to different cars.  However, we were able to speak to Faye some before we left and were able to speak to them both as we were leaving the parking lot.

We were on the Flagstaff car and an open-air car was available for us to go back and forth from our car to enjoy the ride outside.

The train ride was so relaxing….I told one of the women at the station when we got back it was like having a massage without anyone touching you!

Tried a new restaurant tonight called Café’ Jose’. We ended our day with a nice prime rib dinner for supper.

It’s been a great 11 years and I think we have both decided to renew for at least one more year!

Tomorrow will be our last day in Sedona. We still have a list of things we think we want to do here, but it’s so nice that we are spontaneous enough to ditch plans to do something different at the last minute! Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings….