Return to Five Weeks on the Road — Summer, 2016

Sedona, Day 4

Sunday, July 10

This is our last full day in Sedona.  Started off the morning with Tim working on the blog and me trying to help by picking some pictures for him to use.  Fixed breakfast here and burned a croissant….they don’t toast very well….

When we finally get moving, we head to Senor Bob’s for the last time.  The chef is off today and the owner is running the whole place—bless his heart!  We ask a couple sitting beside us for a recommendation for a place for dinner tonight.  Laurel draws us 3 maps and gives us suggestions on places to visit also.  She is a high school physics teacher and talked about her rocketry teaching.  She sounds like such a cool teacher.  Before they leave, a former student comes in the restaurant and gives her a big hug.  That’s probably one of the best non-monetary perks of being a teacher….former students taking the time to let you know you made a difference in their lives!

We head to the downtown area of Sedona looking for t-shirts.  Success!  Found some red dirt shirts by the same company that made shirts we got in Hawaii!  Next I found a jewelry store that had some beautiful pieces that are coming home with me.  I like to find something special like that to get with the money the choirs I play for give me…..then the jewelry reminds me of them and a special trip I was able to take!

Next on the agenda is to head to the vortex at the airport. (The Sedona  area is noted for uniform architecture that blends in with the surrounding land, high-end art galleries, and New-Age emporiums. It is also believed that there are specific locations which offer “energy vortices”. There are 4 main rock outcroppings in the area that feature a vortex, Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock, Boynton Canyon, and Airport Mesa.)   When we get there, we realize that I have goofed and cannot be hiking in flip flops.  Duh.  So we return to the condo and we both change shoes.  Then back to the vortex.  THANK GOODNESS there is a parking space (there wasn’t one earlier).  If there hadn’t been one, it would have meant over a mile to do this. (That would be a trail from the nearby Airport atop the mesa) So I was happy! 






We start on the rocky walk to the top of this mesa.  The whole time I am keeping an eye out for scorpions and rattlesnakes.  Seriously.  I am.  I kept wondering if a snake would scoot out from under a rock, and then I guess I would have just died right there.  I’m such a wimp.

Tim gets to the top of this vortex and is able to enjoy it by himself.  I still have my death grip on the rail that I have held onto for awhile. 






As Pooh would say, “this is very up!”  The view, of course, is breathtaking.  So much here in Sedona is.  We have been amazed that no matter how many times we see the same ol’ rocks and mountains, the beauty and grandeur is still there.

We head down the path to the car.  When we get in (and the door is shut!), I look at Tim and say, “Whew!  No rattlesnakes!  No scorpions!”

From here we head to Javelina Cantina for supper.  This is the restaurant that Laurel recommended earlier today.  Oh my goodness.  I really liked the atmosphere and, of course, the food here.  We were half-way through our supper and went, “Oops!  Forgot to take a picture!”  I had shrimp fajitas and Tim had something different… (I believe it was a rotisserie chicken and goat cheese enchalada–good stuff!)