Return to Five Weeks on the Road — Summer, 2016

Fairfield Bay to New Orleans, Louisiana

Tuesday, July 26

This morning we pack up and head out after only spending the night.  When it’s light outside, we see that our unit is right beside the club house and pool.  It’s beautiful! 






When we are leaving there are already families enjoying the pool.  Was so glad we didn’t have to go on the rollercoaster road again….we were able to leave our keys in the unit.  Mom just laughed and laughed when I told her our response to that road last night in the storm!!

We stop at McDonald’s to grab a quick breakfast and we are off to our first stop….Star City, AR.  This is where Brian and Denise York have moved with their 3 children.  Brian was Jill’s band director, and he was also the Praise Band leader at church for many years.  He always amazed and impressed me over the years being able to play any instrument you handed him.  I will always remember how he would play drums at church and try to throw me off….and I would reciprocate and try to do the same thing!  Good times!  Lots of good memories….

I had texted Brian last week when he was in San Antonio and mentioned we would like to swing by Star City and hopefully connect with him and the family.  So it looks like today will actually work!  We are heading to a restaurant there called Pizza Pro.  When we got there, Denise and the kids were walking in right in front of us and we got the best hugs!  Brian was already there waiting on all of us.  There was a buffet that had the best pizza.  We were able to sit and laugh and just enjoy ourselves for a little over an hour and then we had to part ways.  We were able to get a few pictures before we left. 

Jill was shocked at the fact Sebastian is taller than I am.  She was also super jealous she wasn’t able to join us and see the York clan!  I hope we will be able to get together again soon.  I really miss them!

The GPS is now set for Vicksburg, MS.  Tim is wanting to check out the National Park there and see all the Civil War exhibits there.  We get there close to 5:30 and the ranger at the entrance says the tour path closed at 5, unless we want to walk it.  It has been raining and lightning some, so we decide to take pictures of what is viewable around the Visitor Center.

A tad disappointed, we are now on our way to New Orleans.  This will be our last stop before we head back home.  We will be here 2 nights.  We found a place to eat around Jackson, MS called Froghead Grill.  Both of us had really good dinners….

We trade off driving a couple times between supper and New Orleans and pull into the Wyndham La Belle Maison around 11pm.  Kane is the valet that takes care of the car and all our stuff.  After he and Tim unloaded the cart, they both stood and talked football and history and all kinds of stuff for about 20 minutes.  He reminded me so much of a good friend of Jill’s (and our’s!)…..Jake Howard!






After we got situated, I fixed Tim some popcorn and we attempt to get connected online.  This takes another call to the IT person, but we are finally connected and I am able to write today’s blog.  Not sure what will be on the docket tomorrow.  Hard to come to a place like this for one day and try to cram in so much in one day, but we are gonna try!!!