Return to Five Weeks on the Road — Summer, 2016

Las Vegas, Day 1

Monday, July 4

Well I sure goofed up.  We left Avon on July 3rd, the day they have a most spectacular fireworks display.  We get to Vegas and I am thinking there should be a fireworks display that is amazing!….well they did… on July 3rd also.  Grrrr…. Note to self:  July 4th is not ALWAYS celebrated on July 4th!

We are obviously foodies and enjoy finding interesting places to eat.  We depend on on many of our trips.  Today we find a gem called Jamm’s.  A mom and pop place where the mayor of Las Vegas is known to show up (according to one of the reviews).   Sandy, our waitress, recommended a rito… your choice of omelette in a burrito. (It also contains hash browns or home fries).  I had the “White Castle” (which was made with ground beef, grilled chopped onions, and cheese), and I dipped it in mustard). Tim had the Sandy (which included avocado, tomatoes, bacon, and cheese dipped in hollandaise sauce).  We tried the “pot of bread” that they are famous for.  It was very good of course….and we didn’t have to catch it!


This restaurant was an excellent find. If you are in Vegas and want to try it, make sure to go hungry, because we could only eat half of our burritos and took the rest to the condo.

We get back to the condo and are by the pool listening to a live 2 piece band…guitar and bass….these guys are great!  We get in the pool and all of a sudden we are in a movie….unfortunately it’s Caddyshack…and the pool is cleared for the same reason!  There are at least two other pools here, but we just enjoy lounging by this pool for a bit.  Relaxing before we head to Penn and Teller tonight!

Wyndham has a shuttle service to Harrah’s and then Rio has a shuttle service that takes you the rest of the way to where Penn and Teller are performing.  Got a bit anxious hoping we weren’t going to be those people who didn’t make the shuttle and have to wait 30 minutes for the next one…but thank goodness, that didn’t happen.  We arrived at Rio, found the box office and got our tickets.  We have a few minutes to spare, so we hit the penny slots.  So at the end of the night we had spent $5 there and each of us have our vouchers we cashed out at 14 cents and 9 cents.  Yes.  We are truly gamblers.  Now we both have vacation bookmarks for the current books we are reading!






We have both enjoyed watching Penn and Teller on TV, so tonight is something we have looked forward to.  We enter the theater and see a photo op.  Being the expert selfie takers we both are, someone sees us and offers to take our picture!  (I used the selfie anyway because the shape fit better in this blog.) You are requested to take four cards and a Dixie-type cup as you enter the theater….this will be part of an audience participation trick…the Penn and Teller Love Ritual.  Sitting in our seats, we are enjoying the Mike Jones Duo playing an hour before Penn and Teller come out.  I am staring at the bass player and look at Tim and say, “I think that’s Penn!”  This guy goes offstage with his bass about 10 minutes before the show starts.  The piano player is called by name, but no one ever says who the bass player is….

If you are in the Vegas area, this is definitely a family-friendly show.  I won’t say anything that happened during the show, other than I am glad we were able to finally see them live!  You will definitely enjoy it.  The audience participation trick was cool….and we have a souvenir of tonight’s show! 

I read somewhere that Penn and Teller take the time to meet and greet with the audience after the show as you are leaving.